Deciding together

Imagine you are together with 6 friends and in this case you are planning a weekend with them. You would probably wouldn't just say "This is what we will do, I am the boss." That would be Autocracy. Neither would you say: "Since me and my other friend have been active longest in this group/organized most successful events, I will tell you what we will do." That would be Hierarchy. Neither will you directly ask for a vote (when you know that 3 out of 6 of your friends agree with you - and with your vote you would have a majority). That would be majority Voting. Maybe it will be hard to come to an agreement, because you all have different opinions. You need everyone's agreement to proceed. Since you can not agree, you opt for just having drinks. Everyone is just getting tired and it takes way too long. This is a solution nobody is happy with: you end up with the lowest common denominator. This happens more often in Consensus. You probably would like to discuss with your friends what they would like to have happen. And see if you find a solution which fits for everyone. Now imagine you could agree on proceeding with a proposal unless someone raises an objection which (s)he can give reasons for. And these reasons are understandable, well founded and relevant to the proposal/activity. This form of shared decision making is called consent.