"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Purpose, vision, mission, values and aims are essential to lasting success for any organisation or person. They function as a "North Star" which helps orient and give direction while you're doing your daily work.

In many organisations they are not known, not consented by or when explicit, mere slogans on a wall, which fail to inspire.

This is unfortunate, as they can be a huge help in enjoying the work, feeling productive and contributing something meaningful to the world.

**So what are they - in brief?**

Purpose - The reason why we exist, beyond just surviving/financial gain.

"We believe ..."

Vision - the future as the organization desires it to be -

“A world where...”

Mission - the organization’s general approach to creating that future.

"To do X for Y"

Values - The principles by which you work and live

Aim - Actions that will accomplish the mission and work towards realizing the vision.

These actions are often broken down from the Mission level. If you know that you want to ... gh “To produce X ...”.


When you are working on something, you can always check and ask yourself: Am I and the organisation getting closer to fullfilling the organisation's purpose, vision, mission, values and aims in me doing this work?

You could also ask yourself: Am I personally getting closer in fullfilling my personal purpose, vision, mission, values and aims in doing this work?