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In manufacturing there is a famous example of an "objection". The japanese car manufacturer Toyota gave their workers permission to stop the production line. This was unheard of in normal manufacturing. The implicit understanding had been: never stop production, fix things later.

When a worker pulls the andon cord, he signals there is a problem he needs help with. - proto.institute

Pulling the famous andon cord (Wikipedia) causes production to halt. The supervisor comes rushing to the place where the problem occurred to see what is going on and if it can be fixed on the spot. If this is not the case, (s)he will notify a specialist team for help.

So why did Toyota allow employees to voice "Objections" and stop the line? Why were they Paying attention to objections? And how is this different from Listening for agreement?

Toyota realized that they needed to spot quality problems as soon as they occurred, so they could fix them straightaway. And by pulling the cord and stopping production Toyota made it clear to anyone that quality was of the highest importance. So important it would be prepared to slow down production to fix problems.

In the end this focus on quality led to more and faster improvements with better qualified employees resulting in a superior production system, outcompeting their competitors.

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