Paying attention to objections

When you pay attention to the objection, you are forced to listen to the person who presents the objection. You need to really honour the reasons why this person has come forward to object - and with that you are honouring the person itself. This is a real element of respect - listening to another person and making sure this person is feeling heard.

There are also other good reasons to listen:

In the case of anyone involved in doing something, the person doing the actual doing is one who has the most concrete experience about the topic. (S)he is the expert, observes every day what is happening at her/his place of work. (S)he is normally interested in doing a good job, enjoying the work and learning something.

So we don't really have a good reason to ignore this person's opinion.

There may be some other people who are affected by the work, and have experience with that. Customers, suppliers, coworkers from other departments you work with more closely. They too will know a lot about this experience.

When your objection is ignored, it feels that your voice does not matter. Without feeling heard, we do not have a voice. And without a voice, we feel disconnected and powerless. When we feel that way, we become unhappy, unproductive, unhealthy and inhibit learning.