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Welcome. This is the place to begin familiarising yourself with the way you write in Federated Wiki.

Read How to Wiki for more ideas.

Below you will find tutorials, and practical examples that help you understand how to use and work with Federated Wiki with your group, or simply for your won note taking.

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Here we link you directly to the things you must be do/be able to do before the March Happening, in a nice linear style.

The first thing to do is watch this video, so you get a feel for how Federated Wiki works. Federated Wiki is not like other web sites you may have worked with.

VIMEO 166053002 Short video introducing Federated Wiki Strangeness.

It is built on fundamentally different concepts of how the web should work, and how you socialise and participate in reading and writing with other people. So take a quick look at this short video to understand the core concepts:

If you already have a site you may wish to skip Things You Must Do and jump right in:

Next have a go at making another type of page: * Make an Encyclopedic Page * Add an Image

and now let's do some wiki editing magic: * Execute a Cross-Page Move * Add an External Link

Navigate and Inspect

OK - now that we can make pages, let's take a look at the real power of federated wiki = pulling together content from multiple sources and making it your own: * Learn Shift-Click Magic * Use Arrow Keys * List All Pages in Neighborhood