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My name is Vincent van der Lubbe and I am writing and experimenting here on how you can more easily set up, run and develop groups of people working together.

Trying to write as simply as possible, so you can directly relate and apply. Governance for dummies :-)

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# Hey, we are more than one. Now what?

# What constitutes a viable system?

Visualisation - visualisation a

# System 5 - Policy / Purpose

# Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values - Introduction - Purpose - Vision - Mission - Values - Aims

These parts draw on: - https://www.sociocracy.info/vision-mission-and-aim/ - https://github.com/ParticipatoryOrgs/Dynamic-Governance-Collection/blob/master/Foundations-Of-Sociocracy--Training-Reference-Manual.md - https://www.clearvoice.com/blog/difference-between-mission-vision-statement-examples/

# Policy

# Money Money

# Legal Frameworks

- Why is most Lean Training not Lean?

YOUTUBE KZwhPxCU2F8 This is Nikoline Nik and me holding a talk about Distributed Autonomous Organisations DAO and Sociocracy and Holacracy as forms of consent-based decision making.

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