Writing a Mission statement

Writing a mission statement is writing a sentence - with several key parts:

**1 Action** = verb which states the doing. To .... / xxx-ing ...

Example: To provide / Providing For action verbs, this is a good resource: Brigham Young University - Action verbs

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**2 Product or Service** = A noun which says what we are doing.

Example: Affordable healthcare

**3 Customer / member / beneficiary** = A "For whom": Whom we are doing it for, our "audience".

Example: For underserved communities in the Midwest.

The mission statement can contain more specific details, depending on how important these are for the mission.

**4 Problem** we are solving

Example: curing cancer

**5 Cause** we're helping with. This is related to deeply held values. Promoting equal voice,

**6 Partner(s)** with whom we are working to deliver the service

Full example: Mindtime.com : The MindTime Foundation’s mission is to provide a language, framework, and tools to help people understand people.