Writing a Values statement


There are different ways of getting to your values:

**Starting with values** - then select: a. Do a Card Sorting exercise with cards on which different values are written. Go through several rounds of elimination/prioritization until you end up with the ones which feel most "You".

b. Fill out a questionnaire like VIA (Values in Action) and see what the results are. Explanation about the 24 character strengths with link to free survey (need to register)

**Starting with concrete examples**

c. Describe a few key incidents/choices which are important to you. *Why did you decide to act that way and not otherwise?* *What does that tell you about your values?*

d. Describe your main behaviors at work/in your personal life. Analyze the behaviors and see what type of values they describe.

e. Ask family, friends and colleagues who know you well to describe what they think your values are based on your interactions with them.

Combine any of these.

**Values Check**

- *Do they sound like you?* - *Do they guide your actions every day?* - *Are there few enough / can you remember them?*